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Swallow the starry sky _ I eat tomatoes _ txt nove (23rd Dec 22 at 1:11am UTC)
As soon as the mood is happy, Morosaden emerges many thoughts: "Yes, after becoming the true God, this Luofeng has no separate body, only one self.." When the time comes, I'm afraid he won't dare to patrol the cosmic sea at all, because he has to guard his small universe, as well as his human race. "But if he ventures out to patrol, he may eventually have many true gods in his alliance. A group of true gods acting together can still stop me." Morosa kept thinking. Then he grinned. Anyway, at least in this one or two months, that Luo Feng can not come out. "Ha ha ha." Morosa laughed "Nine heads, you did a good job," Morosa praised. The nine-headed Demon Lord bowed his head to show his submission. Morosa burst out laughing and then moved away indirectly. The nine-headed demon Lord raised his head. His nine heads were all ugly-wrong step, wrong step, no chance to turn back. Luo Feng's own small universe. "One hundred thousand heavens" A hundred thousand plane spaces are being born in the whole small universe. These hundred thousand plane spaces are different in size and structure. Each plane space has a connection. The outermost circle of a plane space is surrounded by chaotic air flow like a whirlpool. A hundred thousand heavens are all rotating and constantly improving internally. At the same time In the chaos of the origin of the universe, hundreds of thousands of planets began to rotate,small gold wash plant, which corresponded to hundreds of thousands of heavens. The structure of the small universe is'miniaturized 'in the original space, but Luo Feng himself understands that the original space is actually guiding everything outside. A long time "One hundred thousand days are already perfect." Luo Feng's eyes brightened. "Start the most important step." "The Beginning of One yuan" Luo Feng's will envelops the whole small universe. At that time, the hundred thousand planes of space began to rotate violently, and each plane of space was faintly connected with each other, which could not be seen by the naked eye. However, in the "origin of the universe",chrome washing machine, the "hundred thousand planets" corresponding to the hundred thousand heavens burst out a golden light and connected with each other to form a very precise huge network, just like a complex rhinoceros Bureau. "Cheng" Luo Feng's will roared. Hundreds of thousands of planets in the origin of the universe suddenly burst into dazzling light, and the countless golden rays formed a complex rhinoceros Bureau, which also burst into energy, forming a mass of nothingness in the whole core. "Rumbling nm" the sky falls apart One hundred thousand plane spaces in the small universe rotate with each other, and the whirlpools expand and collide with each other. One plane space seems to disperse immediately, but when they all rotate.. The entire hundred thousand planes of space began to rotate, as if the earth were moving around the sun, and the hundred thousand planes of space began to rotate around their core point. It's too hard Just as it was the most difficult to pull the mill at the beginning, when the entire hundred thousand plane space began to rotate slowly around the most central core, it also made Luo Feng's will collapse. Finally, everything rotated. As the rotation gradually increased, gold shaking table ,manganese beneficiation plant, some plane spaces collided with each other, and some fragile and even indirect cracks began to appear. "Peng" Has an Indirect Collapse of Facial Space Luo Feng's face was expressionless. Still controlling everything. "Give me success," Luo Feng will roar again. The small universe makes a rumbling sound, so that outside the small universe, you can hear the same rumbling in the origin of Luofeng's universe. In the center of the space of nearly 100,000 planes, a constantly rotating whirlpool appears, like a bottomless whirlpool black hole. The center of the bottomless whirlpool is the origin of the universe. At the same moment, a void vortex appeared in the center of nearly 100,000 planets in the origin of the universe. "Became," Luo Feng could not help showing joy. Everything calmed down Void whirlpool as the center, pulling nearly one hundred thousand plane space constantly rotating, in the rotation, unexpectedly a plane space was born and born one after another, only an instant, and restored to one hundred thousand plane space. In the origin of the universe, it is also restored to one hundred thousand planets. Luo Feng looked happy: "The beginning of one yuan, everything begins with yuan, can give birth to all things, endless also." The "central void" formed by the hundred thousand heavens is the "one yuan."
Another dollar. It can make its own small universe full of endless possibilities, even if the space of one hundred thousand planes is broken, it can be born again. "The beginning of one yuan." Luo Feng looked at the origin of his universe, only to see hundreds of thousands of bright planets rotating around the central void. The central void is the core of the whole'origin of the universe '. The origin is the beginning of one yuan, only to see that the void began to gurgle like a fountain out of a large number of divine sea water. A large amount of chaotic airflow outside the small universe of Luofeng is being swallowed crazily. Clatter clatter Endless chaotic airflow began to revolve around Luofeng's small universe, forming a huge chaotic whirlpool. From time to time, a large amount of chaotic airflow was swallowed and transformed into divine power. All the small universes could be transformed into the ability of divine power, but Luofeng's "the beginning of one yuan" structure made the transformation reach an incredible level. Tomato only hopes.. Devouring the starry sky can end in the first month of the ticket. Baidu Search Boiling Literature Network to Read the Most Complete Novel Chapter 43 sharp promotion (asking for a monthly ticket). Out of thin air, a figure appeared in the void, and it was Morosa.
At this moment, Morosa was completely in his original shape. His two ugly heads were looking at the faint outline of the small universe in the distance. His two eyes were shining with greed: "Finally, I have come here again. As long as I devour a small cosmic source, I can be promoted to the peak of the second order." The black breath of evil filled the air, and the tortuous rays quickly penetrated hundreds of millions of light-years, directly into the void, and began to shine along those tortuous rays towards Morosa's body. Comfortable Morosa's two heads were raised in contentment. Shaking Demon God is sitting on the continuous mountains, its tail is wrapped around the foot of the mountains, but its head is wrapped around the peaks. Suddenly its eyes burst open like two huge burning stars. The beast of the world! The Demon God showed a trace of panic. The beast of the world finally came again. After disappearing for so long,gold CIP machine, he reappeared. Shaking Demon God's fiery red eyes are full of worry. "The last time he appeared, he was seriously injured by the Lord of the Galaxy and fled. This time, I'm afraid it's not so simple." 。
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