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I give you a love. (6th Dec 22 at 12:24am UTC)
I'm not worried. If you had been with him, you wouldn't have broken up with him. Only yuan Haitian put out his cigarette butt in the ashtray and held up Zhuo Qingxiao's chin with the other hand: "I didn't want to touch the woman my brother loved.". But now, I can't let you go. Zhuo Qingxiao stretched out his arms and hugged yuan Haitian's neck tightly: "I don't want to leave you." yuan Haitian's eyes flashed a touch of emotion that could not be seen. He reached out and slid her long hair: "Let's ask Weiqiang to come out and sit down sometime.". We're getting married soon, and it's better to tell him something clearly. "Yes." Zhuo Qingxiao's voice was so light that he could hardly be heard. In addition to love, her understanding of yuan Haitian is still on the surface, and even how good he and Qi Weiqiang are, she is not sure. But as far as his various performances are concerned, the past between her and Qi Weiqiang really bothered him. yuan Haitian rubbed her hair. "Go to bed. It's getting late." He just carried her to the bedroom. I'm sorry, I didn't know it was going to be like this. She leaned close to his ear and whispered. yuan Haitian's expression became very soft, but it was a pity that Zhuo Qingxiao, who hid his face behind his ear, did not see it. It's none of your business. None of us want it. Besides, there are many things in this world, who can say clearly? Wei Qiang and I have chosen you, which at least shows that my vision is not wrong, you are really a good girl. He put Zhuo Qingxiao on the big soft bed, with a bad smile on his lips: "But soon, you will be a woman, my woman." After this night Qi Weiqiang's sudden appearance,Magnesium Sulphate price, and yuan Haitian's attitude change speed, Zhuo Qingxiao's heart has been tempered strong. She breathed a sigh of relief in her heart and smiled coyly. yuan Haitian took off his bathrobe and untied Zhuo Qingxiao's pajamas, and the war was rekindled. Zhuo Qingxiao's body became soft again, and the hazy light of water appeared again in her eyes, together with the moisture below, everything showed that she was ready. yuan Haitian kissed her deeply and whispered in her ear, "Xiao Xiao,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, it may hurt a little." Zhuo Qingxiao's heart became tense in an instant, and she knew that she was going to become his woman. Her slender white arms were wrapped around his strong back, and her voice was as soft as a stranger's. "I know." yuan Haitian's eyes became deeper, and he bowed his head and kissed her again, spreading her legs further apart. But his advance was not smooth. Zhuo Qingxiao is very painful. The tearing and intense foreign body sensation made her almost unbearable, and she bit her lower lip. yuan Haitian did not dare to move, so he could only find a way to relax her. Zhuo Qingxiao felt that yuan Haitian's body was unusually stiff. She said softly, "I can do it." yuan Haitian saw the tears in her eyes, as well as desperately trying to cater to his actions, his heart suddenly softened. Zhuo Qingxiao is not a very enthusiastic person, but many times, she looked at his eyes, unconscious when the action, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, let him feel distressed. He had never felt this way about any other woman, and that was why he was unhappy tonight. Qi Weiqiang loved a woman in his heart, and they all knew it. If this person is not Zhuo Qingxiao, yuan Haitian will choose to give up this relationship. Because it will not only embarrass them in the future, but also give birth to some unnecessary rumors. He grew up under the various scandals of his parents, so he always wanted to find a simple and docile wife. A wife who makes him feel at ease, who can take care of his husband and children at home, and who is gentle and sensible. But who knows, the wife he likes is the one his good brother loves deeply. He knows Qi Weiqiang's personality, what he recognizes, will not change easily, so he should not give up Zhuo Qingxiao so easily. As for himself, he did not want to let go at all. Because this person is Zhuo Qingxiao, let him feel comfortable and reassuring woman. yuan Haitian looked at Zhuo Qingxiao, who was desperately holding back the pain, pulled away, and then gently wiped away the tears oozing from her eyes: "Fool, it hurts like this, and you have to try to be brave.". Am I that beastly? Zhuo Qingxiao's heart was filled with sweetness in an instant, although it was still very painful, but at this moment, she could be completely ignored. yuan Haitian's gentleness and consideration are the best medicine to heal her pain in an instant.
He went to the bathroom to clean himself, twisted a clean towel, and carefully wiped the blood under her body. There were red marks on the sheets. yuan Haitian lay back beside Zhuo Qingxiao and hugged her: "Xiao Xiao, you are my woman." Zhuo Qingxiao was so happy that she almost wanted to cry. Her dream came true! At this moment, she completely forgot all the unhappiness that happened tonight. She only knew one thing: she was his woman. The relaxed Zhuo Qingxiao fell asleep almost immediately, and yuan Haitian held her in his arms and looked at her white and tender face for a long time. She seems to care about him very much. He had another difficult night, but there was an indescribable joy in his heart. In the early morning, Zhuo Qingxiao woke up in his arms, and he took her to the bathroom for a brief rinse. After the bath, she became more moving, and yuan Haitian's heart swayed. Before Zhuo Qingxiao could figure out what was going on, he had already carried him back to bed. Xiao Xiao, are you still in pain? He said hoarsely, his eyes breathing fire. Zhuo Qingxiao smiled. She put her arms around his neck. "It doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt at all." yuan Haitian finally got his wish and enjoyed it well. Zhuo Qingxiao is still not quite adapted to that kind of foreign body sensation, but this time, it really doesn't hurt very much. Of course, this is not because of her body's super resilience, but yuan Haitian did not know where to take out a small bottle of lubricant, Zhuo Qingxiao also foolishly asked him, that is to give her the medicine. It was not until Zhuo Qingxiao got up at noon and saw the small bottle that had just been opened on the bedside table that he realized that it was the kind of thing that had been used. She immediately stood there, unable to tell what it was like. This,dap diammonium phosphate, this is what he used to do? yuan Haitian hugged her from behind and said, "Don't get the wrong idea. It's my first time to buy this." Zhuo Qingxiao looked at him bitterly, pouting and not speaking.
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