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Villain's cinnabar mole (time to wear) (5th Jan 23 at 2:02am UTC)
"I understand." Xie Ciyan loosened his hand. He didn't hide or suppress much. I hope.. When Asho knew the truth. I can forgive him. Only in this way can he have the face to see her already in the afterlife. All right.. "He managed to pull up a warm smile, took out the white jade bottle that had already been prepared, handed it to Murong Shuo, and exhorted:" Take one pill a month, and it will be effective. In the future, we will continue to communicate in secret, and if necessary, you and I will not see each other as much as possible. "Besides, you are in Lushan Academy, and all forces are mixed, so remember to be careful." "That's natural." The young man quickly restrained his good mood. After taking a white jade bottle containing the elixir, he said in a deep voice, "During this period of time, the development of the Yinyu League has been due to the help of the forces in Mo Shiyi Jianghu. So has Yuntang. Although he is Yunyi's son, he has also provided a lot of useful information under my test." "You call him Yunyi?!" Xie Ciyan looked at the young man gradually become mediocre appearance, can not help shaking his head: "a Shuo, no matter how bad, that is your uncle.." is her own brother. Uncle Murong Shuo sniffed, "that year after the incident, the first defection, but that is the man called uncle." Isn't he living a good life now? He replaced him as the new general of Xubian. He held great power and his family was in harmony. Oh, except that his eldest daughter died for no reason and disappeared. "阿朔 . . . That's your cousin. 。” Xie Ciyan wanted to say something, but he only said this sentence after all. So what if it is? The boy disdained to say, "If these things had not happened before, the so-called cousin would still have an engagement with us." At that time, Yun Yi and his sister had a daughter and a son in the same year, and they had already decided on in-laws. Just wait for the eldest daughter to marry and choose one of the twin brothers as her husband. Now 15 years in a hurry, things have changed. When Murong Shuo thought of this, he could not help giving a wry smile: "It's been nine years. Thank you for your words. How many nine years can I have in my life? I will never give up these nine years of hatred. I will return my brother's tragic death to Emperor Xuan bit by bit." "As for him.." Seemed to think of something, the boy smiled coldly: "This new killer, very interesting, if you can recruit for their own use, the best." "Ah Shuo,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, listen to my advice and don't use her." "I know you've always been smart, like a fish in water in Lushan Academy, even.." "Is that what you want to say about me, even to deal with the new one, which is set up to test the killer or not?" Murong Shuo interrupted and said coldly, "He, Su Xiuyue, has something extraordinary. If he can't use it for himself, he can only abandon it and kill it to prevent it from being used by others." Xie Ciyan had nothing to say for a moment. It took him a long time to say, "Ah Shuo, you have the strategy of the superior. You are cruel and cautious. I only hope..". The only remaining benevolence and righteousness No matter what you do, don't give up. In these troubled times, a wise king is needed. Of course not. The young man smiled shallowly, "thank you, with you, my conscience will have a place to place." "As for Su Xiuyue, the future is long. Let's take our time." The author has something to say: Thank you all, 30ml dropper bottle ,glass cream jars, really thank you, stick to it anyway! Chapter 53 marriage to whom ③. Su Xiuyue had not seen Murong Shuo after dinner, and then contacted the silver needle on the rattan ball and the news brought by Luoluo, she had to suspect.. Teenagers are far deeper than she imagined. 。 On the other hand, she has a vague intuition: Luoluo has come, can Elder Martial Brother Jingyi be far behind? Su Xiuyue's heart has a moment of restlessness, and soon, forced down, in this unknown era, she has, only herself, can absolutely rely on, only herself. If she is not calm, she will only be passive and become a pawn in other people's games, which is absolutely intolerable to Su Xiuyue. She has never wanted to be a chess player. In the dormitory waiting for Murong Shuo to come back, Su Xiuyue himself set up a chess game, dead game. The white is surrounded by sunspots, and there is no life, unless- A very light and shallow voice came from far to near, Su Xiuyue broke her thoughts, her eyebrows froze, and in an instant she played two chess pieces, one black and one white, the black shot at the door frame, and the white shot through the roof.
The static situation was reversed in a second. The folding fan flying outside the door suddenly hit the sword falling from the roof. Su Xiuyue looked at the returning Murong Shuo, who looked frightened. After throwing out the folding fan, he pointed straight at the masked man in black who had broken in from the roof. "You..". Who are you? ?” Say, pull Su Xiuyue again: "Su Di, are you all right?" "It's okay." Su Xiuyue said these two words against his will, Murong Shuo seems to have no rules to pull, but did not miss to control her life gate, he is very smart, Shunjian will shape the situation into the most favorable situation for himself. If the masked man in black and Su Xiuyue are in the same group, Murong Shuo will have a hostage, if not, he can also push her out.. Block the sword 。 What a cruel heart! It was like a dead end at the moment, and the sword of the masked man in black, as expected, was not mentioned again for no reason. The young man's gentle breath came from the back of his neck. Su Xiuyue heard Murong Shuo say, "Brother, you still have time for a cup of tea. The guards of the Academy will arrive." The masked man's dark starry eyes swept over Su Xiuyue's cheek, as if to get some confirmation. The next second, his snow-white sword pulled up the sword flower and stabbed straight at Murong Shuo. The boy was still "flustered" to hide, but every time, he put Su Xiuyue in front of him. Suddenly, the masked man's long sword slanted, and the body of the sword seemed to soften with internal force. He turned a radian and stabbed Murong Shuo in the back of his heart. In a flash of lightning, a clear shadow whirled and took the blow for the young man. Sudi! Murong Shuo blurted out. I saw the "young man" covering the blood-stained sword on his shoulder blade, his face as pale as paper, and the cold sweat running down his cheeks. I'm fine. Su Xiuyue gritted her teeth, lowered her head and swept her eyes. The man in black was stunned for half a second, but he still closed his sword and left quietly. How are you? Murong Shuo did not blink again to take into account whether the masked man would stay or not, and went straight to take the wound medicine to bandage her. The young man's technique was very light, and seemed to be really mixed with a few touches of tenderness. Su Xiuyue's eyes were slightly cold,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, gently pushing him away, "I'll do it myself, you go out first." 。
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